Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What to write.....

Gosh, I haven't been able to get to this blogging task for a while.  What to say today?  It's a mystery.  Mystery.  Mystery.  Funny word.  How could that word relate to  How about...........on our shopping website, there is no "mystery" what shoppers will receive.  We do our best to image the earrings and show side views or objects with some of the earrings to give shoppers a sense of their true size.  Measuring is encouraged!  Besides giving the earring's length and width, we give colors AS WE SEE THEM IN PERSON. This is because computer monitor colors can fluxuate with manufacturer or age. We descibe the gemstone names and give information about the stone, as well as the other important note--the clip type. Beyond the pages showing a variety of earrings, shoppers will find a terminology glossary and a link to  A useful website to find adjustment techniques for non-pierced earrings, seasonal style guides, face shapes and their complimentary earrings, earring care and birthday & anniversary charts. There is no mystery because we want our customer's to know what they are getting.  Check us out at!

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