Friday, November 23, 2012

FAQ: Can I look up my previous orders?

Return customers will tell us they made a purchase a while back, and due to misplacement, loss, or wear & tear, no longer have those favorite earrings.  The question then asked, "Is is possible to look at my previous orders and find the earring(s) and re-order?"

Our answer?  YES!

Here's how.
On our homepage, choose "My Account."  Put in your email address and your password.
Find "View Previous Orders" from the list and click it.

There you will see:
Order # (A reference number we give to all incoming orders for our tracking purposes.)
Status (Whether it shipped, cancelled, exchange, etc.)
Order Total (Monetary amount of that particular order.)
Order Date (Date that particular order was placed.)

Then on the far -----------------------------------------> right side, you'll find:
Order Details
Repeat Order

You probably should view Order Details first.
Click "Order Details" and you will find:

Billing & Shipping information
Payment Method (credit, debit, money order, gift card etc)*
*Side Note:  Keep in mind has NO WAY of keeping credit card information including numbers and their security codes. The only information "Payment Method" is displaying is the actual 'method' used to pay.)
Transaction ID (Our systems routing number)
Authorization Code (Processors routing number)

Then, below this, item information begins including:
Product Code
Description (Earring description for that particular product code)
Unit Price
Price (quantity x unit price)
  and then the totals, etc.

You can print this page if it would be helpful to have the information in hard copy.
If you want to repeat the items on this order, at the right top of the page (next to the printer options)
You can choose "Repeat Order."

Note: If even one of the items previously ordered is no longer available, you will see the following message.

"Unfortunately this order cannot be repeated because one or more of the products that had been ordered are now out of stock, have been deleted, or are currently not available.
Would you like to add the products that are in stock to the shopping cart?"

Unfortunately, at this point, you won't know what items those are until you click.
So, choose "Continue" to move forward with the order, or "Back" to navigate to the previous screen.
If you Continue, you will arrive at your shopping cart page with the item(s) that are still available already in your cart.  You now have the options to remove the item(s) or change quantities.

From this shopping cart page, continue to shop as you normally would.
What if the earrings you wanted are not available any longer? 
We apologize. Some earrings are constantly restocked while others are available for a short time only.  If the earring you were looking for is no longer available, what other options do you have?  Ask yourself: What is it that I liked about that pair of earrings? The size? Color? Shape? What is was made of? has over 500+ clip on earrings in stock; and using our Advanced Search, you could look for similar earrings based on your answer. Who may find something else you like just as much!

Have questions or wonder if we'll ever have that particular earring again?  Email us!

We hope this was helpful.  Continue watching the blog for other FAQs that will make every shopping experience with a successful and enjoyable experience.