Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

On Thanksgiving Day 2012, will begin their 14th year in business!

How it Began.
In 1998, while living the New York metropolitan area, Jim Santo went shopping for a nice pair of clip earrings to give to his wife Candy for their 30th anniversary.  He couldn't find any - not even at Macy's.  Based on this unfruitful trip, he wondered if the Internet might be the place to offer clip-on earrings to other frustrated seekers like him.  Jim spent a year researching Internet retailing. Candy came up with the name, determined it could be registered as a business name, and that the URL was available. was launched on Thanksgiving Day 1999 with the expectation that it would be something the Santo's did on the side while empty nesting.

What began with a 16 drawer cabinet in a small room of their home is certainly no longer a "side project."  Today, a customer base of over 27,000 continues to grow - mainly through positive word-of-mouth advertising.  When it became clear that Cliptomania could be more than a side business, Candy set a goal of becoming the "Kleenex" of clip earrings, and she is grateful that her customers have spread the word, thus fulfilling that goal. Thirteen years later, on most days, more than half the shoppers are first-timers. 

It's a Family Affair.
Candy Santo, for most of her adult life, has worked in the non-profit sector, first in social work, then directing a crisis line for 12 years and finally as development director for a large agency serving individuals experiencing homlessness or at risk of becoming homeless. In 1996 she was awarded the status of "Women of Excellence in the Field of Human Services" by the New Jersey Commission on the Status of Women.  Candy, since 2002, has worked fulltime as Cliptomania's executive officer.

Daughter, Christy, who has knowledge in business administration and accounting, is part owner and Cliptomania's Customer Relations Manager.

Son Greg, is a middle school math teacher; however, he oversee's Cliptomania's online advertising.

Jim is an insurance professional who helps out during the busy season.

Cliptomania also employes three other employes who participate in customer service, processing incoming orders, inventory/order fulfillment and shipping/receiving.

Snicklefritz and Celia, the family's two cats, also contribute to Cliptomania's successful operation by going from office-to-office and desk-to-desk watching over everything and everybody.  And of course, taking the occasional nap.

Our Continued Goal.
Although earrings are a discretionary purchase, the economy has mildly affected Cliptomania's sales. Repeat customers are still shopping, yet buying less per visit and there have been longer times between new customers' return visits. Though the economy sags, Candy feels Cliptomania is well positioned to return to - and surpass - its sales when the economy rebounds.

Attending two or three jewelry shows a year, the Santo family works with current and potential manufacturers selecting up-to-date styles according to forecasted colors, fashion trends and current customer's preferences.

With these things in mind, Cliptomania will continue to strive to be your preferred clip-on earring source.

What We Offer.
Over 500+ styles of non-pierced earrings for adults and children (over the age of 4).

Styles include:
Gold & Silver
Big & Bold

Cliptomania ships to USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Japan and New Zealand.

Cliptomania offers easy to navigate pages with specific catagories and subcatagories for particular styles and colors, a glossary of jewelry terms, an Advanced Search feature to find earrings by designer, keyword, size or other, and a FAQ page to answer customer's basic questions. Other pages include style guide, birthstone, and anniversary charts, new arrivals and popular earrings that are back-in-stock.

Cliptomania's information site, will provide customers with information concerning types of clips, proper adjusting techniques, earring care, child & medical information, and style guides. is also daily by McAfee secure. Our customers can feel secure in knowing their transactions are safe. When their daily security sweep shows the website secure, McAfee will display its secure logo in the upper right hand corner of all the pages on our website.