Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Rings @

I have to admit something I love rings!  I own nine of them and daily wear two on each hand on my fore and ring fingers.  My favorite rings are sterling silver that features onyx.  I also own several that are 14k or 18k gold.  I do wear earrings of course I just don’t mix them up daily like I do my rings.  

I bring up rings because has added rings to the website as part of our new jewelry sets. They include high end clip earrings paired with at least one of the following: a ring, a cuff, bracelet, or a necklace.    These sets and rings are only offered under Jewelry sets.   

 The sets feature 24k, 18k and 14k gold-plated jewelry as well as Sterling Silver jewelry with and without gemstones like amethyst, aquamarine, and garnet.   They come from various designers like Paige Novick and Julie Vos of New York.  Check them out today by clicking on Jewelry Sets.  

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Julie Vos @

Spencer Pearl Drop and Chloe Open Bangle with Delphi

Jewelry designer Julie Vos began her business in 2006 filled with anticipation as she embarked on living out her dream to create jewelry using gemstones and 24k Gold patina as her mediums. (Each jewelry piece is 24K Gold electroplated over nickel free brass.) Vos is also careful about which gemstones she chooses to use in her jewelry because she strives to make each piece as affordable as she can. 

Her hard work paid off! By 2014 Vos has over five hundred boutiques that carry her jewelry.  And she has been praised by editors of Marie Claire, Instyle, and more for melding rich textures and vibrant colors in each piece of jewelry she designs.  Vos has also been featured on the covers of Oprah Magazine and Real Simple.  

 At, it was the elegance of Vos’ jewelry and affordability that drew me to want to add it to the website.  Check out the sets I created located in our new section Jewelry Sets.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Paige Novick @

Comma Shaped Magnetic Earrings

Native New Yorker Paige Novick has fashion and design in her DNA. She studied French and art history at Paris’ Le Sorbonne which led to an internship at Chanel as an assistant at fashion shows.  Later on Novick worked at Cotton Inc.’s fashion library before deciding to launch her first line of accessories, upscale handbags; she called Frou by Paige Novick.  (The line existed from 1992 to 2003)

Magnetic Triangles w/ Pave Crystals

Ten years later she switched course and in 2008 launched her jewelry label Paige Novick.  Each jewelry piece is made from high quality materials including heavy metals, golds, gemstones, and Tahitian pearls to create various collections that radiate strength, confidence, and beauty.  Recently she came out with two styles of magnetic earrings that I couldn’t pass up adding to the website.  The photos of both pieces are pictured in this post click on either one or both to check out these gorgeous earrings.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Bracelets and Cuffs

I have been bracelet and cuff shopping. Not for myself but for  We have begun to sell them as part of our new jewelry sets.  We will keep these sets to one category appropriately called Jewelry Sets.  This new jewelry comes from various designers like Lauren Blais  and Julie Vos as well as several highly rated designers and jewelers from Etsy. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Gemstone: Tourmaline

Tourmanline Clip on Hoops
Tourmaline Clip On Hoop Earrings

Tourmaline is one of the most versatile gemstones on the planet. It comes in a wide range of colors, is very durable, tough, and is widely available throughout the world.  Most tourmaline gemstones display two or more colors in a single piece. It can be for example two shades of a single color or two different colors.   Or like watermelon tourmaline have a clear ring in it to separate the two colors comprising it:  the most common being pink and green or black and red. The least valuable and hardest to find is clear tourmaline and the most readily available is black tourmaline. 

Tourmaline exhibits a strong pleochorism meaning its crystals display different colors depending on the angle it is viewed at.  The gemstone is commonly opaque and the inclusions in it vary depending on the type and color of tourmaline it is. It has elongated crystals and because of this it is often cut into rectangular shapes to match. However, tourmaline can be cut into more traditional and fancy shapes. For example, darker tourmaline is cut to the table parallel and along the main axis, and watermelon tourmaline is sliced to exhibit its attractive multiple coloring. 

Most tourmaline is left untreated however yellow, pink or red varieties maybe irradiated to enhance color.  The treatment does not affect the value of the gemstones.  Lastly tourmaline is easy to care for but it does attract dust and will need to be wiped often with a soft cloth.  

All gemstones including tourmaline can safely be cleaned with warn soapy water with or without using a tooth brush.  After cleaning the gemstone wipe it with a soft cloth.  Avoid contact of any type of gemstone with household cleaning chemicals and protect them from extreme heat to prevent permanent damage to the gemstone.  

Always store gemstone jewelry inside a fabric lined box or wrap it in a soft cloth then store it separately from other gemstones. 

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