Monday, September 5, 2016

Emilie Shapiro @

Multi Gemstone Earrings, Bracelet & Ring
A Emilie Shapire bracelet featuring garnet, citrine,and ruby

Jewelry artisan Emilie Shapiro grew up close to the Atlantic Ocean where water has been a source of constant inspiration. It isn’t surprising since her family is full of creative entrepreneurs, inventors and free spirits who have encouraged her to explore different medium throughout her artistic life.

As an adult Emilie attended Syracuse University and received a BFA in Art and Design with a concentration in jewelry and metalsmithing. She also studied at Alchimia, a contemporary school of jewelry  with locations in Florence and Italy where she learned from artists like Peter Bauhuis, Yoko Shimizu, and Marzia Rossi. Emilie learned a lot including how to sculpt hard wax pieces so she could cast her work in metal and how to merge rough gemstones in her work to show their natural beauty.

Once her studies were complete Emilie worked as the Production Manager at Pamela Love and then in the same job at Allforthemountain before launching her own jewelry line.  As much as possible she resources all her jewelry production locally, hand making every piece of jewelry in her New York Studio.  Emilie also teaches jewelry workshops at Liloeve Jewelry School, The 92Y, as well as giving private lessons in her studio.  You can view her handcrafted jewelry by clicking on the photo above.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Rings @

I have to admit something I love rings!  I own nine of them and daily wear two on each hand on my fore and ring fingers.  My favorite rings are sterling silver that features onyx.  I also own several that are 14k or 18k gold.  I do wear earrings of course I just don’t mix them up daily like I do my rings.  

I bring up rings because has added rings to the website as part of our new jewelry sets. They include high end clip earrings paired with at least one of the following: a ring, a cuff, bracelet, or a necklace.    These sets and rings are only offered under Jewelry sets.   

 The sets feature 24k, 18k and 14k gold-plated jewelry as well as Sterling Silver jewelry with and without gemstones like amethyst, aquamarine, and garnet.   They come from various designers like Paige Novick and Julie Vos of New York.  Check them out today by clicking on Jewelry Sets.  

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Julie Vos @

Spencer Pearl Drop and Chloe Open Bangle with Delphi

Jewelry designer Julie Vos began her business in 2006 filled with anticipation as she embarked on living out her dream to create jewelry using gemstones and 24k Gold patina as her mediums. (Each jewelry piece is 24K Gold electroplated over nickel free brass.) Vos is also careful about which gemstones she chooses to use in her jewelry because she strives to make each piece as affordable as she can. 

Her hard work paid off! By 2014 Vos has over five hundred boutiques that carry her jewelry.  And she has received praise from editors of Marie Claire, Instyle, and more for melding rich textures and vibrant colors in each piece of jewelry she designs.  Vos has also been featured on the covers of Oprah Magazine and Real Simple.  

 At, beauty of Vos’ jewelry and affordability of it that drew me to want to add it to the website.  Check out the sets in our new section Jewelry Sets.