Thursday, January 31, 2013

Birds as a 2013 Trend

Every year, for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter, we update our Style Guide page with what fashion designer's believe will be the color forecast and jewelry trends of each season.  We are preparing the Spring/Summer 2013 forecast, but in addition to it, I want to blog about each specific trend over a period of weeks.

One of a couple trends from Fall/Winter 2012 will carry over to Spring/Summer 2013.  It's the Feather, and indirectly, the Bird.  It is a stable and long-wearing trend due to the natural elements it embraces - not only wildlife as nature, but the natural tendency to see birds as symbols of inspiration, icons of freedom, or with a desire to connect to the divine.  In many cultures, certain birds are specifically symbolic.  I've chosen a few to correspond to our beautliful clip on earrings!

Peacock: abundance and good luck.

Doves:  love, hope, peace, the divine.

Hummingbirds: happiness and delicate beauty.

Owl: silent wisdom, and that which is not yet known.

Swan: loyalty and grace.

Cardinal: fresh perspective.

Bat: death & rebirth, nurturing and sensitivity. has 500+ non-pierced earrings including birds and other Creatures of the Air.  We also have other "birds" and flying creatures clip on earring located throughout the website. To find them, simply use the Advanced Search and use a keyword (bird, feather, bat, hummingbird, etc) to filter.

One "bird" designer in particular is Bamboo.   Search for Bamboo under the Designer filter.