Thursday, June 30, 2011

Give Your Earlobes a Break!

I have found that clip-on, non pierced earrings – especially the BIG ones - are a good choice, EVEN if your ears are PIERCED!  Why?  It’s a fact and I see it--earrings over the course of many years stretch earlobes and make the holes bigger--especially dangles on wire hooks. Anyone who has experienced an earring being ripped out of their earlobe can also attest to their lobes looking a little worse for the wear.  Recently employed by the internet merchant,, I try on a lot of earrings and in doing so, have found that clip earrings seem to be less stressful on my earlobes, especially if the earrings are a tad on the weighty side.  I think it’s a great alternative for anyone with pierced ears who wants to give their earlobes a break! Beautiful earrings, various styles, extensive collection….and even clip on earrings for sensitive ears. Visit!