Thursday, March 8, 2012

Q: What is Recycled Comonents Jewelry?

A: It is jewelry made by using materials that are no longer wanted or are destined for the trash, and reworking them into something beautiful, unique and often playful.

From glass bottles and old vinyl records to pop can tabs and string the range of materials which can be made into jewelry items is practically endless. Many of these items are genuinely unique but most importantly, many of these items use materials which would simply end up in the land fill.

Fun, creative, unique recycled jewelry knows no limits in design or materials.  It has an appeal to those interested in being eco friendly but it is also for anyone who appreciates stylish, unusual and fun fashion.  It's fascinating to see what is being used and what will be used next. If you personally enjoy making jewelry, it can encourage you to see things we typically throw away in a new light.

These non-pierced earrings are made from recycled rubber.
#RB500 $13.25  (
Designer: Katherine Kornblau

In purchasing recycled, eco-friendly jewelry, you can be a part of the recycling process in its most creative aspect. While smaller amounts being recycled for jewelry may not make a big impact, every little bit helps!  More than anything else recycled jewelry is an expression of many desires.  The desire to conserve, the desire to find new uses for old or discarded items and the desire to explore creative designs with unlikely materials. While the ultimate goal is to help the environment there is no doubt that it is just as important to create something beautiful.

Most recycled jewelry is handcrafted. The materials have a history. The designs have a meaning. It is jewelry worn by those who like the unique and who find it appealing that their purchase does a little good.
You can also buy fair trade recycled jewelry which helps to offer small scale artisans the opportunity to earn a fair and sustainable income while reducing the need to process new raw materials that may have sources of conflict.

All in all, its a win-win situation. As designers and customers continue to embrace these concepts of recycling and new use, you will be seeing increased availablity of unique creations that not only look good, but are good for the environment.