Tuesday, February 25, 2014

BAMBOO Jewelry: A Green Company

 Written by Christy Santo & Melissa Stewart

Bamboo Jewelry started by Christine Gonsalves and Steve King opened its doors for business in 2005.  A major driving force behind their company goals is their effort to have the lowest carbon footprint possible  Along with their ten to twenty employees, they are not just focused on creating quality necklaces, pins and earrings, but are also on being an environmentally friendly company as possible.  Endangered wildlife and global warming are two things very important to Christine and Steve.

Two years after forming Bamboo Jewelry, the company decided if they couldn't cut their carbon footprint to zero, they would offset it by buying carbon credits making Bamboo Jewelry the world's first carbon neutral jewelry company.  They have incorporated compact fluorescent bulbs and eliminated  air-conditioning, instead turning to fans to keep everyone cool and comfortable.  It doesn't stop there.  The self-sustaining and fast growing Bamboo wood is the basis for their jewelry boxes. They also incorporated paper tape and use non-toxic, bio-degradable plastic for shrink wrapping. Even the paper printed cards within the box uses recycled paper, from a duplex printer.  They can print 100,000 pages generating only five pounds of waste verses 157 pounds of typical waste from a regular laser printer.  Future eco-friendly goals include purchasing a new company car - a hybrid Aptera that will get 300 mpg - and remodeling their facility so it runs on solar-power.

Celebrating Nature

Each piece of jewelry's design celebrates a small part of nature, art and science.  Almost all the silver used as the base of their jewelry  repurposed or recycled, and they are striving for 100% recycled.  Using finely braided wire to create each cloisonne color cell, they can do multicolored blending which results in their three-dimensional contours and realistic shading, hallmarks of their splendid craftsmanship.   After the original artwork is complete, the sample pieces are carefully packed and mailed to China so artisans there can reproduce them.

Who's Who At Bamboo

Steve King is a fifth generation Californian with degrees from Yale in Art and Environmental Studies.  When he is not designing jewelry, he enjoys his work as a scuba instructor or organizing whale watching expeditions to Baja, Mexico.  Steve has also helped create a life-size whale sculpture, and notably, produced an hour long, prime time documentary aired on ABC on blue whales which won an Emmy for its cinematography.

Chrstine Gonsalves comes from a family of entrepreneurs.  She is a graduate of U.C. Berkeley with a MA in sculpture.  Before she began Bamboo Jewelry nine years ago with Steve, she began a company called Whales and Friends that is a popular Alameda, California gift ship that has been around for 20 years. Her interests include cats, orchids, art and nature. Christine splits her time between Bamboo and Whales and Friends, and is even known for bringing her beloved Tonkinese cats, Carson and Sagan, with her.

Cliptomania.com has sold earrings by Bamboo Jewelry since 2006.  Featured in our  Specialty and Animals  The overall quality and attention to detail of these earrings is amazing, and we are sure our nature loving customers will appreciate these fine, heirloom quality, clip on earrings.