Monday, December 29, 2014

The Beauty of White in Jewelry

Janice's 3 Pearl Clip-on Drop Earrings

The color white represents cleanliness (think a chef's uniform), innocence (a baby lamb), purity (the bride's gown), neutrality, lightness, and exactitude.  In ancient times, it was one of the first colors used by Paleolithic artists and was made from calcite or chalk and used as a background or highlight.  In ancient Egypt white was associated with the goddess Isis. Also, priests and priestesses of Isis wore white linen in ceremonies, and those who died had strips of white cloth wrapped around them. 

Opal Chunks Clip On Earrings

In ancient Greece and other nations white was associated with mother's milk and was written about in mythological stories.  In the Muslim holy book, the Talmud, milk is one of the four sacred substances along with wine, honey, and a rose.  In politics of ancient Rome, if a man wanted to hold a public office, he wore a white toga brightened with chalk called a toga candida (origin for the word candidate.)  A white toga was also worn for ceremonial occasions by all Roman citizens over the age of fourteen. Magistrates and certain priests wore white togas with a broad purple stripe.   Once Augustus became emperor, the white toga became mandatory to wear in order to enter the Roman forum.

Granulated & White Enamel Clip on Oval Earrings

White also became the color worn by priests during mass and monks of the Cistercian order under Pope Pius, a former monk of the Dominican Order. He was the first to wear white as Pope and it continues to be the official color worn by popes.  The color white has other religions associations too. The white elephant is considered sacred in Asian cultures.  In Buddhism white is associated with the birth of Buddha.  Native Americans of the Great Plains considered the white buffalo sacred as it represented fertility and the gods of the earth.   White also has a negative connotation. In some Asian cultures, it is a symbol of death. In the Ancient Egyptians, culture white was considered the color of life when black mud covered fertile lands created any time the Nile flooded.  

Today much of the same symbolic associations are still present today.  A majority of brides still wear white gowns. In home, design white makes a room look lighter and larger in appearance. White is also considered a calming color. In the fashion, world white is used extensively and often paired with other colors like black for major contrast.

Pearl Grape Cluster Earrings with White Pearl Lacy Ring

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