Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Julie Vos @ Cliptomania.com

Spencer Pearl Drop and Chloe Open Bangle with Delphi

Jewelry designer Julie Vos began her business in 2006 filled with anticipation as she embarked on living out her dream to create jewelry using gemstones and 24k Gold patina as her mediums. (Each jewelry piece is 24K Gold electroplated over nickel free brass.) Vos is also careful about which gemstones she chooses to use in her jewelry because she strives to make each piece as affordable as she can. 

Her hard work paid off! By 2014 Vos has over five hundred boutiques that carry her jewelry.  And she has received praise from editors of Marie Claire, Instyle, Vogue.com and more for melding rich textures and vibrant colors in each piece of jewelry she designs.  Vos has also been featured on the covers of Oprah Magazine and Real Simple.  

 At cliptomania.com, beauty of Vos’ jewelry and affordability of it that drew me to want to add it to the website.  Check out the sets in our new section Jewelry Sets.