Monday, January 8, 2018

How Jewelry Can Cause Skin Discoloration & How to Avoid It


If your skin changes color where it comes into contact with jewelry don’t assume the piece of jewelry is cheap. Skin discoloration can occur with a piece of good or high quality jewelry as well.  What is happening is metallic abrasion that causes tiny particles of metal jewelry to rub off on your skin discoloring it.  

One of the causes of discoloration is cosmetics that contain zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, ferric oxide and calamine.  All of these compounds are heavier than the metal the jewelry is made of which is why they remove pieces of metal from the jewelry. Another way that jewelry can discolor skin is from perspiration.  The salt in it is an enemy of metal especially sterling silver which is the most susceptible to salt corrosion.  

The last way jewelry can cause discoloration of the skin is through the use of household cleaners, natural tarnishing (sterling silver), taking antibiotics, and lastly the buildup of hand soap or detergent, wax, polish, or cosmetic cream on jewelry.  

The easiest way to avoid discoloration of jewelry is to take if off it before doing any cleaning using chemicals.  Also do not put jewelry on right after using cosmetics or hand cream.  Allow the cream or lotion to soak thoroughly into the hands before putting on jewelry or if you choose avoid putting it on for the day. Lastly care for your jewelry by cleaning it often so perspiration, soap, or anything else your jewelry could come into contact with isn’t allowed to build up with the potential to cause permanent damage.  

Ways to clean jewelry is with warm water and soap and using a soft toothbrush to scrub it without scratching the jewelry itself; there is also soaking jewelry in vinegar; and dropping your jewelry in Alka-Seltzer water. There are other means besides these which you can check out by clicking on any of the links posted below this post.  Any way you choose to clean your jewelry be sure to follow the instructions to avoid permanent harm.