Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cliptomania Feature: Chipita NP Earrings has over 24 pairs of Chipita hand-sewn, hand-beaded non-pierced clip on earrings in stock! Many of them are the vintage styles, in buttons and dangles, that are no longer being made in favor of leaner styles like those in the Chipita 21st Century category. 

Vintage Chipita

Excerpt from Meet The Designers:
In the fashion world, “Chipita Accessories” has become synonymous with long, sparkly earrings made of semiprecious stones, cut crystal, silver, gold, brass, glass and ceramic beads.  While her current creations are styled to complement contemporary fashion, this largely self-taught artist began her career by designing jewelry with Southwestern and Native American motifs.  Still, as the company’s main designer, Joan says the semi-precious stones dictate the jewelry’s final form, whether art deco, African, Eastern ethnic or Victorian. 

21st Century Chipita Clip on Earrings
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