Thursday, July 3, 2014

Facial Shapes & Jewelry (Repost)

We each have a facial shape and what we wear around our face, like clip on earrings, is very important as they have the ability to complement our facial structure as well as exaggerate it. Sometimes a person has a combination of two shapes in their face.  I have an oval and rectangular shape to my face. It is as if the balance my genes decided to take compromised between Mom’s round face and Dad’s square shaped face.   I wear button clip earrings or dangles that go no further than the end of my jawline. Otherwise it will make my face appear too long and I don’t like that.  So what defines each facial shape and what type of jewelry is appropriate?  I went online to research and here is what I found.

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The Oval Face is soft and curved with an equal distance             from  the hairline to the brow and the brow to the chin.  It is    considered the “perfect face” shape as it is slightly longer than it is wide.  It does not matter if other features of the face are soft, curved or angular as this facial shape can wear almost any earring.  The only suggestion is to avoid clip on earrings that will lengthen your facial shape, making your face look very thin and long.

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The Round Face is soft and curved with an equal distance all around.  The nose is the focal point of this face shape.   The clip on earrings recommended for this facial shape should be earrings that are vertical, dangles, drops or narrow chandeliers that will help the face have a lengthy appearance it does not otherwise have-basically creating an illusion.

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The Oblong or Rectangular Face is longer than it is wide.  The width of the face at the forehead, cheekbones, and chin are close to or the same distance from each other, while overall length is long.  This facial shape is ideal for wearing large, bold styles, and wide chandeliers with color, movement and drama.  The perfect earring will fill in space so that width is added and the length is distracted. 

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The Square Face has a strong jawline and the distance from the top of face to the chin is equal to the width.  To soften the jawline and give the appearance of curves, the recommended clip on earrings are large oval hoops, long drops and narrow chandeliers.  It is important to subtract from this face shape and give the illusion of length and softening of width.

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The Heart Face has a wide brow and narrow chin with the width of the face at the forehead to the cheekbones greater than the width at the chin.  The top part of the face is usually soft and curved whereas the chin has an inverted triangle appearance.  The clip on earrings best for this facial shape need to be wider at the bottom. Vertical hoops, long and narrow styles, inverted triangles, or even buttons create width at the chin for a more balanced look.
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The Triangle Face is similar to the Heart Face, except, it has a narrow brow and a wide jawline.  The width of the face at the jawline and cheek bones is greater than the width at the forehead.  The recommended clips on earrings for this shape are ones that draw the eyes from the narrowest part of the face to the jawline.    Choose earrings like buttons that curve up to the ears to create the illusion of width.  Choose narrow dangles to create more length. The overall goal is to balance the face. 

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The Diamond Face is widest at the cheekbones with equal distance, though narrower at the forehead and jawline.   The clip on earrings suited for this facial shape are wide open, but the most complimentary are earrings with angular styles (diamond shaped with sharp corners, points and edges)  and cut crystal.  To soften the angles wear hoops.