Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Shapes of Pearls

Classical Non-pierced Earrings with Pearls

Round is the most highly favored and valuable of all the pearl shapes.

Crystal & Pearl Clip on Chandelier Earrings

Baroque or irregular shaped pearls that are ideal for necklaces or for clustered earrings with a crystal or gemstone.

Baltic Lace Non-pierced Earrings

Oval are shaped like an egg and are typically used on drops or dangles.

Ovalicious  Genuine Pearl Clip on Drop Earrings

Button pearls are round and a little flat on one side.  They are ideal for necklaces or clip on earrings like these.

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Mabe pearls are round on the top and flat on one side.  They are ideal for earrings and pins.

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The Teardrop shaped pearl is good for drop necklaces & for drop clip on earrings.